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Our Barristers

3DJB Barristers


Ayesha Hasan

Call 1987

Head of Chambers

Jeremy Russell

Call 1973

Bernard Limbrey

Call 1980

Simon Birks

Call 1981

Richard Budworth

Call 1982

Judith Maxwell

Call 1988

Norman Moss

Call 1990

Victoria Teggin

Call 1990

Lisa Peacock

Call 1992

Matthew Hellens

Call 1992

Catherine Le Quesne

Call 1993

Sandra Fisher

Call 1993

Katie Williams-Howes

Call 1993

Jessica Redford

Call 1994

Luke Barnes

Call 1996

Mark Jones

Call 1997

Philip Squire

Call 1997

Adrian Davies

Call 1998

Judith Mayhew

Call 2000

Neil Kerr

Call 2001

Deputy Head of Chambers

Catherine Piskolti

Call 2003

Deputy Head of Chambers

Peter Wilkinson

Call 2003

Emily Beer

Call 2004

Saiful Islam

Call 2005

Briony Palmer

Call 2009

Jessica Brindle

Call 2009

Ben Birtchnell

Call 2009

Amy Stout

Call 2013

Ruth Hitschmann

Call 2014 (Solicitor 2006)

Anushka Kangesu

Call 2014

Katherine Gittins

Call 2014

Laura Wakeford

Call 2016

Haroon Rana

Call 2018 (Solicitor 2007)

Elizabeth Wark

Call 2018

Laurence Cooper

Call 2021

Shazia Haider-Shah

Call 2021 (Solicitor 1996)

Georgia Fineberg

Call 2022

Joanne Boyle

Call 2019


Indira Varma

Call 2023


Kellie Lashbrook

Call 2001

Door Tenant

Angela Bennett

Call 2005

Door Tenant