Alternative Dispute Resolution

With changes to litigation funding and cuts to legal aid, mediation and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution(ADR) are of increasing importance to individuals who find themselves embroiled in a dispute.

Members of chambers regularly assist individuals and organisations in settling their differences without going to court, be that through mediation, negotiation or arbitration. Please click here for a list of our mediators and arbitrators.

In suitable cases, mediation can lead to swift and satisfactory conflict resolution. Resolving a matter through mediation can reduce legal costs dramatically, and saves the parties from the pressures and stresses of court proceedings. Settlements reached through mediation can lead to legally binding agreements, providing the same certainty and protection of legal proceedings.

Our civil mediators deal with a wide variety of problems, ranging from arguments between neighbours over noise, boundary and building disputes to unpaid bills and workplace issues. The courts increasingly expect parties to attempt ADR before going to court. Our civil mediators help parties settle their differences quickly and cost effectively.

Mediation is increasingly used in family cases. Indeed, many applications to the courts in family disputes require the parties to attend mediation prior to attending court. Mediation lends itself to the nature of issues arising in family law. Our family mediators assist parties in a wide range of family disputes, including matters involving children (such as residence, contact and relocation), divorce and financial settlements following relationship breakdown.

Mediations undertaken by members of chambers will take place at a carefully selected venue to meet the parties' specific needs.


Mediation Advocates

3 Dr Johnson’s Buildings offer Family mediation with a trained and experienced family law Barrister and Mediator.

Family mediation can provide a confidential setting for working out agreements to disputes between parties. In many cases the Court will expect parties to have explored mediation. Mediation can be suitable for an array of family disputes including child arrangements, divorce, and financial matters.

Mediation is a voluntary process, which encourages co-operation between parties. Parties can be advised separately but agree on an independent mediator who can facilitate negotiations with the aim of coming to an agreement on issues without the need to go to court.

We presently have the following members who conduct Mediations:

 - Bernard Limbrey 

 - Victoria Teggin 

3 Dr Johnson’s building has the facility to hold mediations in Chambers.

Our mediators remain impartial and as such do not give legal advice, however their experience as Barrister’s ensure that the parties will have up to date legal information which may be needed in the resolution of issues. Our mediators will ensure that each voice is heard and encourage all avenues to be explored to reach a resolution.

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